Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fancy a brew?

Everybody loves tea...well, nearly everybody, so I thought I'd draw another tea-related doodle.

As you can probably tell I struggle drawing teapots and teacups a little but I was pleased with the biscuits and teabags. It was so much fun putting this together on Photoshop, I think I am addicted!

Here's another tea-related doodle I did about six weeks ago....this time tea and cupcakes!


  1. I love tea!!! These doodles are great. Photoshop is all a mystery to me but hopefully I'll conquer it like you have one day!

  2. @Fur Will Fly: Hooray for tea! :D and thanks :D Tbh there's still tons I don't know about Photoshop but I feel fairly confident of the basics.


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