Sunday, 20 February 2011

Oh, hello there :)

Thankyou for stopping by. :) Hello from me, and hello from Fozziwig Hedgehog.

I decided to start a new blog which I intend to dedicate to my drawings. Up until about six weeks ago I hadn't really done any drawing or art (other than photography) of any kind for months and months. Art, particularly sketching with pencils, is something that I have always enjoyed but not done on a regular basis since I did art GCSE in school, which was about ten years ago now. I am hoping that using this new blog to share my drawings with others might help me to keep it up as a hobby, and to improve my drawing skills. I have been posting my drawings on Flickr, but I worry they get lost amongst all my photos (I upload a lot!), so this little space of mine will only be for my hand-drawn doodles, sketches & illustrations. I'll be posting my contributions to Illustration Friday here too.

I have a particular interest in drawing for children, mainly because I am so fond of cute characters and children's illustrations myself (what a child I am... :P). I love to draw animals and teddy bears, especially. My favourite illustrator is definitely Ernest Howard Shepard, with whom I share my birthday. :)


Thankyou for commenting, I really appreciate it ♥