Sunday, 29 May 2011

My 365 Project ♥ 23rd-29th May

It has been a week of experimenting in my 365 project and I have learned quite a lot in the process. It’s hard to choose three pictures to write about…so I’m going to choose four this week instead :P

I took this photograph for the Theme of the Week group (which is my favourite group on Flickr at the moment – some of the people who post to it are too amazing for words!) for the theme of “rainbows”. It was inspired and dedicated to the cutest little character on Flickr – Little Blue Guy by Roxanne. Roxanne’s project has taught me that it is often the simplest ideas that work the best. The only thing I would change about this photo is I wish I’d taken it somewhere with a bit more light and the poor little purple fuzzball looks like he’s about to fall off my hand. Actually, it was ridiculously hard lining them all up on my hand – I had to take the pictures really quickly before they rolled off! 

Speaking of the Theme of the Week I was delighted to see that my solitude picture from last week was nominated for pick of the week, when I didn't even think it was that good. It didn’t win, but it was still really nice to be considered. It goes to show that we aren't always the best judges of our own work.

 This one was for the MCP Project 52 on the theme of “a need for speed”. The theme conjured up images in my head of either running away from something scary or running to something, like a bus. The latter would be impossible to capture and I don't get buses these days anyway. So, running away it had to be! I was going to draw a monster but then I remembered how much I enjoyed drawing all the bees for an Illustration Friday I did a while ago. Shooting this photo gave me a lot of exercise! It was so hard to time my running to get a shot in which I was not looking too stupid, but also to get a shot when I was on the right side of the frame. I really could have done with a remote control for this one (which is something I think I will have to invest in soon). The main thing I would change about this picture is I wish I could have taken it in the park with a blue sky behind the bees – I think that the bees would have stood out so much better. Unfortunately, my dog phobia keeps me from going to parks unless I’m with someone else. Still, this one was great practice in editing on Photoshop.

This picture was a pain in the ass to take. I set out wanting to get a picture of me and my mad, bright glittery blue nail varnish, trying to show the contrast of it against my hair, but I am a terrible model and could not get the pose right at all. If I’m not grinning cheesily in a photo I think I tend to look very glum, because my natural relaxed expression is quite a miserable one! This is something I really am finding hard with this project. Anyway, about 40 photos later, I was fairly happy with this crop (mainly because most of my face isn’t in it!). I also did so much editing with this photo and others from the shoot, and I was really happy with the tones and light in all of them. I think my brother's old bedroom is a good makeshift photography studio because the light in there is really good.

Finally, I wanted to share this photo of my new pumps and cloud laces from Paperchase. :D I was mostly happy with this but as soon as I put it up on Flickr I realised that it would have looked better with only the one petal below the shoes (one of the ones that really looks like a heart - something I didn't notice until afterwards!). I think the others are a bit distracting. Sometimes I over-complicate my images, when actually if I take away a few bits and pieces it cleans up the image and makes it feel less cluttered.

So that’s all the photos and thoughts on this week's 365 I’ll share here for now. The rest are, of course, on my Flickr. Thanks if you read all that, and until next time, keep calm and have a cupcake! (a strawberry cheesecake cupcake) x


  1. Great post - I love reading about how others take their photos and the stories and thoughts behind them.

  2. Congrats to you on your nomination! :) And I do love your photography.

  3. @Claire: Glad you enjoyed it! :)

    @Sophia: Thanks :D


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