Sunday, 22 May 2011

A new blog name

 I decided to re-name my blog with something a bit more fitting. I wanted to name it after a song, so I did a search for "pictures" in my music collection and I had a choice between "motion picture soundtrack", "pictures of you" and "pictures on my wall". I think that The Echo and Bunnymen song sounds best. I'm not too keen on my new header. I knocked it together pretty quickly, but it will do for now. :) (EDIT: I've changed the header again - this one is better!)

 As I mentioned in my previous post, I have embarked on yet another 365 photography project over on Flickr. I had got into a bad habit of giving up on 365s when times were tough/I got lazy/felt uninspired/frustrated with my old camera, but I am really determined to keep it up this time. I'm 22 days into it and I'm definitely enjoying it so far. It is inevitable that some days I won't feel inspired, but that's all part of the challenge after all. On the whole I find 365s a really positive experience. Already, I think that my new project is forcing me to think more creatively. This time I am doing a self-portrait project, which is something I've wanted to try for ages, but for years was too nervous of trying. It is certainly forcing me to be a little bit more daring, because putting a camera in front of your face is something, like a lot of people, I do find tough, especially when you've had a bad day. I am a fairly shy person in real life, so I do find it awkward sometimes, but ultimately I really really want to be a better, more creative photographer, and nobody else is going to model for me! (apart from Nevil the frog, perhaps...) Some days I am just too lazy to think of anything very creative for the project, but I want it to include a nice mix of silly snapshots too. :) It's something that is always fun to look back on and reminisce about things I did or places I went to.

I considered posting all my 365s in this blog, but I think I will just post my favourite 3 each week in here. If you want to see them all they're all on Flickr anyway.

Here are my favourite three from this week:

I submitted this photo to the MCP Project 52 group for the theme of "spring fever". I had hoped to take a photo outside, so it felt more spring-y, but the weather had been against me. I think this photo still encapsulates the feelings of joy and energy that spring brings (Or at least, that was what I was aiming for).

This photo was for the Theme of the Week group for the theme of "solitude".
Again I had hoped for better weather for this shot. Several people commented on my Flickr to say that felt the clouds suited the theme, but I suppose I was thinking of solitude in a more positive light because I actually quite like my own company a lot of the time. Still, I was happy to get a bird in this shot, because I love birdwatching. So, in the end I was happy with this picture.

Finally, I was very happy with how this simple shot taken in the garden turned out. I really love being able to focus on different parts of a photo with my new camera. ♥

As well as my 365 photos, I will be blogging in here about other things - all things related to creativity, photography (digital and film), art and design, and anything that inspires me. I'm sort of attempting to learn some web design skills, so maybe I'll post a bit about my progress on that here too.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! xx


  1. Oh great blog name change! I like it better. You can do so much more here with the name change.

    Doing my 365 day photo project has taught me so much. Yes some days I just want to give up and I did on a previous one, but with this one Blue threatened me not to give up...and I wont! I'm very shy to do a project of myself, but you never may just inspire me. Keep up the great work with it!

    Have a wonderful day and I'll catch you around. :)

  2. Good luck with the new blog! I love the name 'pictures on my wall' too - very fitting!

  3. @Roxanne: Thanks! I'm so glad you haven't given up on your Blue project - your photos always make me laugh so much :D

    @Claire: Thankyou :D

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