Friday, 27 May 2011

Teatime Favourites

I'll write about some of this week's photography adventures in a couple of days, but I wanted to quickly share a couple of things. I love my music, and whilst I know I shouldn't judge anything by its cover, albums with pretty or unusual covers do draw me in. The other day I was doing some browsing on Spotify for some new music, and I came across an album called Teatime Favourites by a British band called Betty and the Werewolves. It seriously has the coolest album cover ever - I just had to share a picture!

It's not a bad album at all either. It's quite punky and fun, and you can't really go wrong naming it after a biscuit selection! :) I think I might try to re-create this photo some day, although I don't have many of the vintage props.

Another quite interesting thing I stumbled across this week is a cute looking game which lets you be creative. It's called Your Doodles Are Bugged. I haven't bought it yet, but it's not very expensive on Steam so I might buy it soon. It looks good fun, kind of like a more creative version of Lemmings. :)


  1. Oh tea time and real biscuits! Yes. Love me a little Typhoo or English Breakfast with a chocolate digestive. :) Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. No problem, thanks for commenting! :)


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