Sunday, 5 June 2011

My 365 Project ♥ 30th May-5th June

I found this week particularly tough in my project. I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later, but for most of the week I felt like avoiding the camera and I didn't take the time to think of anything very creative either. I'm someone who has to plan ideas most of the time. I have a little notebook I sketch ideas out in when they come to me. A lot of the time the photos don't turn out how I imagined them, but it still helps me to scribble things down. I was really lazy this week. :/

Oh well, I'm feeling more positive this weekend than I have for much of the week, so hopefully next week I'll feel more inspired. :)

This is probably my favourite picture of my 365s this week. I was really happy with the focus here and all the different colours. There were so many buttercups in the park that day.

I also really like this one but I can't take the credit for taking this because I had to ask my boyfriend to take it. The frustration of not having a remote control is growing! (I think I'll order one even though I've bought a lot of other things lately, oops...) Anyway, this was me playing with my new bubble wand which I think might be the best 99p I've ever spent!

This one I did use the self-timer for and I actually managed a non-awkward smile - hurrah! I love doing these mirror image style photos on Photoshop- they're fun.

I took quite a few other photos this week not for my project so thought I'd share a few more.

Yep, more bubbles! I know they're not very original but they are fun to shoot. I was happy with how I edited this one. I tried to make the colours look hazy and dreamy but still keep the bubbles looking sharp.

 This is a crop of one that I took of my boyfriend with the bubble wand. I love how the colours and sparkles came out here. 

Finally some non-bubble ones incase you're feeling over-bubbled.

If you look really closely at this butterfly one it looks like he's waving! Although, that might be my silly imagination.

Finally I really like this photo I took. I made the colours quite light and I like the dreaminess of the result. Yes, I like dreamy-looking photos, you might have noticed! :)

This week I am going to try to think of ideas for the MCP & TOTW groups again and I also joined another group that gives daily theme ideas so perhaps I'll post to that if I get really stuck! I also bought a couple of other cheap props this week, along with the bubble wand, that might come in handy for fun shots.

Thanks for reading & have a great Sunday! xXx

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