Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Plastic Cameras

I had planned to do some work right now but my job is very unpredictable and right now it's extremely quiet, so I thought I'd use the time to blog. :)

About a year ago I got sucked into the whole plastic camera "lomography" trend and I really fell in love with them. :D I bought myself a Diana Mini (without the flash) and then a bright pink Fisheye 2. They were a breath of fresh air for me because I was very busy with uni at the time and I was living in a completely soul-less area, so I only felt like taking photographs occasionally. Moreover, using film again was such a novelty after only using digital cameras for several years. The only downside, of course, is the expense of the films and the processing, and for that reason I haven't used either of them for quite a few months. So far I've definitely had more luck with my Fisheye photos overall. I'll post some of my results another time. 

I got some new films recently so I'm going to try them both out again soon. There are also several other plastic cameras I'm thinking of getting at some point. What I love about these cameras is they are all so different and they come in so many colours and styles. Also, the cameras themselves are mostly cheap to buy (unless you're silly and buy them from a certain, trendy overpriced high street store, which I really would not recommend doing because they're all on eBay for half the price :P).

Anyhoo, I thought I'd share some I'm thinking of getting someday.

A purple Holga 135BC with the flash. I really want a Holga. They seem to produce unique, beautiful results. I definitely want to get this one with the flash because those coloured filters look like they'd be fun to try out.
I also really fancy getting one of these, a 135 Tim! Mainly because they look so cute, and I've read the results of this half-frame camera can be really good too. But really, I just can't resist the face on it. :D

I first spotted this Olive San camera by Superheadz in the gift shop at Cardiff Museum of all places, and I very nearly bought one straight away because they're only £25. It has a wide angle lens which is quite exciting! I can't help being drawn in by the cuteness of the packaging too. I think this one will probably be my next plastic camera purchase.

This Action Sampler camera has had mixed reviews online from what I've found, but I fancy getting one eventually and judging for myself. They certainly look very interesting having 4 lenses.

I wanted to finish my post with a picture of a camera I found on eBay that looks like a book! eBay won't let me use the photo but you can see it here I probably won't get that one because it doesn't use standard 35mm films, but it's cute nonetheless. :)



  1. I have a 35mm Holga and really like it, and I'm sure you'd enjoy playing with one, too :) I don't have a flash or colour filters so I can't comment on that, but even without those it's great!

    And yeah, the Olive San camera is super cute!

    Anu - ichabodhides

  2. Thanks for your comment, Anu! It's good to know that you like the Holga. :D


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