Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Trip to Regent's Park

I feel a bit uninspired with my 365 this week. I think it is partly because neither of the themes for the week for the groups I'm in have really tickled my imagination. The one for the Theme of the Week group is "Memorial Day" which was an American thing on Monday and the MCP one is "reflections" and I'm a bit stumped with it. I wish I had a nice pond in the garden I could take reflections in! Maybe I'll think of something in a day or two...

Yesterday I went to London for the day. My boyfriend had an interview for some freelance work (which he got, yay!). We didn't have much time to explore but we did go to Regent's Park and I had fun photographing some of the wildlife there.

These are Egyptian Goslings - how cute are they?!
This is a Toulouse Goose

A Grey Heron - I'd never seen one so close before!

A very cheeky squirrel.

& another random goose - not sure what type this one is.

I'm now a month into my 365 so I made a little collage of my first month's photos. I am mostly enjoying the project but I still struggle with it a lot on some days.

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