Wednesday, 13 July 2011


 This week I re-watched the DVD I had from the Forkbeard Fantasy's summer school I attended in 2008. Forkbeard Fantasy are an off-the-wall film and theatre company. I found out about them when I went to one of their wacky and fun exhibitions in Exeter. On their summer school I had the opportunity to explore lots of different creative techniques, particularly in animation. I really loved doing "scratch animation" - literally scratching images on to the reels of film. But, the main reason I went there was because I'd always wanted to do a "Wallace & Gromit" style plasticine animation. (It is one of my completely unrealistic dreams to work for Aardman!) I made this silly little stop-motion animation there. I uploaded it to Flickr ages ago but I decided to upload it again, as with my new camera I was able to film it better on my TV and this time you can hear the voice-over. The guy who did it was quite funny!

Blogger keeps rejecting it for some reason (surely it's not that bad?!) but it's here on Flickr!

If I'm still living in Birmingham by the autumn (and that's a big "if" right now - things are very uncertain!), I'm hoping to do another short animation course at the Midlands Arts Centre. I really want to have a go at using iStopMotion again. It's so much fun. I think I'll have to try something very different next time - no more Shaun the Sheep look-a-likes! I should really look into affordable animation software for my own laptop as well.

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