Sunday, 24 July 2011

My 365 Project ♥ 18th-24th July

This week I tried to take some fun, silly pictures for my 365 to cheer things up a bit. I had a lot of fun taking this one for Bench Monday. 

As cool as it would be to able to jump that high, I can't! I used Photoshop to put together two photos - one of the bench by itself, and one of me jumping on my little trampoline behind the bench. I think I will definitely do another photo with that technique. I wanted to get me looking at the camera too, but it took me ages just to get this good jump shot - I had to use the self-timer because my remote doesn't work with action shots. It was a bit tiring running back and forth to the camera every ten seconds!

I felt that my project needed a splash of colour this week too, so I took this in the garden.

I also took this for the MCP group on the theme of "Get in close". I wanted to be brave and do a close-up of my whole face, but I did wimp out a bit and kept cropping it more and more. However, I liked all the pink and the silkiness of this photo so decided this would do. 

I've still not been on that trip to Liverpool for various reasons, but hopefully we'll be able to go next week. I'm also hoping that next week I will complete one of the fun challenges on my Project 101 list, but I'll post about it in more detail it's done. :) 

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