Friday, 1 July 2011

My 365 Project ♥ 20th-26th June

I'm back :) and I'm feeling much better after a little break. My parents went away last week so my boyfriend and I had a stay-cation and it was great to have some time to ourselves. I really wish that we could afford to go somewhere exciting for a proper holiday. I'd love to go to Italy again, or Norway, or Japan or even just the Lake District. *sigh*

My remote control arrived last week and it's making my 365 so much easier. It definitely arrived at the right time. The main trouble I had with the self-timer is that I often found that during the ten second dash I got more and more self-conscious, so by the time it took a picture my expression was weird or awkward. It also took a lot longer to get the right picture, which was sometimes really frustrating. It seems to be much easier to take more natural looking pictures with the remote. I can just snap away, and I almost forget sometimes that I'm taking pictures! The only downside is that mine won't work with action shots. But, it is fine for now. :)

Anyway, here are a few of my pictures from last week's 365:

Testing the remote!

I took this on Sunday when it was boiling hot. The prompt for the Item Collaboration group was "umbrella". I don't use this brolley enough (although I worry I may be too old for it now, boo).
I love these purple flowers in the garden so thought I'd pose by them. Might as well make the most of my parent's garden while I'm living here.

I've had to give my shrinkle-making a little rest because I had a slight disaster with a varnish I bought to seal them. I painted over them and they totally smudged my designs! :( I will invest in a new one soon but I'm annoyed I wasted the money on the other one. I've been doing quite a bit of baking instead - I'll post pictures soon!


  1. Yay, good to see you back and feeling revived! I know that needing a holiday feeling all too well - I hadn't been away for years before the other week because of money. Glad you've got a remote now - makes things so much easier.

  2. Yippy you are back and doing better! Ooo a new to get me one soon. Sorry to hear about the problem you had with the skrinkles....poop. :( Hope it works out for ya soon. Loving all the pics. Have a fantastic weekend. Hugs. :)


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