Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A decision

I've decided to finish my 365 project after 3 months - I don't want to see it as quitting because I did it for 3 months which feels like an achievement of sorts. But, I haven't enjoyed it for ages for so many reasons. I would love to do a full 365 again someday but I want to wait until I have a job, and therefore have money to actually go out and do things and go to nice locations. I'm so bored of taking pictures in my parent's house/garden.

I'll still try to post to groups like Theme of the Week & Bench Monday occasionally, because I really enjoy them. I don't want to stop taking photos regularly because photography is still my favourite thing in the world and I don't want to stop improving. I just hate posing for photographs, more than perhaps I did at the start of the project. :-/

I shall keep my 365 toy project going, because it's much easier and more enjoyable (and Melvin Mouse is much more photogenic, hehe). I would like to find other things to photograph - would really love to get a new lens and start getting into bird/butterfly photography - I think that would be much more *me*.


  1. Oh thats a shame but there is no point continuing if you don't enjoy it. I hope you find a project you're more happy with next time. And Melvin's project is coming along nicely!

  2. Yeah, it doesn't seem worth continuing with it at the moment. Hopefully I'll feel more able to give it another go one day!


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