Friday, 12 August 2011

Melvin Mouse's 365 Project - some recent favourites

I think it's time to share a few more recent favourites from my 365 toy project.

I haven't had a very exciting week - most of it has been taken up with job-hunting/job-hunting stress. I did, however, make these brownies today for my 100 Hummingbird Recipe Challenge. They're called "Blondies" because they're made with white chocolate. They also contain pecan nuts. They're nice, although I prefer my brownies to be more chocolatey. These are extremely nutty, and the taste of the pecans is a little overpowering.

Next week I am going to try to get back into making shrink plastic jewellery. I finally got a bottle of varnish that works brilliantly on shrink plastic - yay! I've also finally got a laptop cooler for my laptop - it has been overheating and crashing all the time lately, which has been a bit worrying. But, so far the cooler seems to really be helping, so I can spend more time on Photoshop again. :) 

I'm also hoping to make cupcakes (just for a change, hehe) and to possibly tick off another item on my Project 101 to-do list - not completely sure right now if I'll manage it, but if I do I'll blog about it next week!

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