Saturday, 3 September 2011

An update!

I'm really starting to miss taking photos and joining in with Flickr. Unfortunately, I am too distracted by job-hunting and an upcoming interview at the moment. Hopefully, I'll get back into photography soon. I've found an evening photography course I want to enroll on as well, but I can only do it this term if I get a job very soon.

My little photo book from Albelli arrived today. I'm mostly very pleased with it. The quality of the prints is excellent and the whole thing mostly looks very professional. The only little things I weren't happy with were the fact that a couple of my images got a bit lost into the spine on my front page (although that could have been my fault when I positioned them, I'm not sure), and there is an annoying line printed on the black background of every page, as though the black ink were starting to run out. Personally, I wouldn't pay the full price (£15 I think :O) plus the £3.99 postage for one of these books. But, for £3.99 in total I can't complain. I'm impressed at how quickly it arrived. I love the purple cover too. :)

I don't have much other news. I made cupcakes last week for my Hummingbird baking challenge. Caramel ones, this time! The frosting on these is to die for! I highly recommend this recipe. It's one my favourite cupcake recipes so far.

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