Sunday, 30 October 2011

Project 30 Days: Days 1-5

I started a new project for the Project 30 Day group I found here on Flickr. It gives a daily prompt or theme, which is helping me to experiment a bit more with the different settings on my camera. So far, I'm enjoying it much more than my last 30 day project idea, which didn't work out. I was too reliant on the automatic settings, which made it too easy and boring, although I was happy with a couple of the shots (mainly the egg and the cheese grater). I know there's nothing wrong with using the auto settings, but using it all the time was/is getting boring. I'd like to have a better understanding of exposure, so I definitely need to experiment more. I already feel that I have made some progress this week.

Day 1. Self-portrait

I took this using portrait mode, just because I hadn't used it much before. (Please ignore the slightly strange expression - it's my "trying not to look too cheesy" face, hehe!)

Day 2. What you wore today
It's always fun to do a clone shot. :D

Jacket - H&M - it was grey when I bought it. I dyed it blue in the washing machine.
T-shirt - H&M
Camera necklace - Gift
Bow dress - H&M
Glittery DMs - eBay - actually, I've worn this pair so much that most of the glitter has scratched off :(
Day 3. Clouds
As well as the shortbread stars I made one in the shape of a cloud.

I used auto here because the biscuit started to crack on the back when I held it up, so I had to take it quickly!

I couldn't get the light right in this picture when I took it – the colour of the sky looked pretty but my hand and the cloud came out very dark. I ended up upping the exposure of my hand and the biscuit in a new layer on Photoshop, putting it under the original photo and then erasing the darker hand and cloud to reveal the lighter one underneath. I couldn't simply up the exposure of the whole image as the sky would have been too white. Perhaps there was an easier solution but it seemed to work. :)

Day 4. Something green
I couldn't think of anything green, apart from plants but it was pouring with rain out so it had to be an indoor picture. Nevil the Frog it was! I used aperture-priority for this one.

Day 5. From a high angle
My clarinet. I had a lot of fun taking this one, and I must admit I'm a bit chuffed with it as it's the first picture I've taken successfully in manual mode – yay! :)

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