Wednesday, 30 November 2011

MacBook Air!

I got a MacBook Air yesterday! Last week my Acer laptop died very suddenly. I needed to get a new one straight away because of my internet job (I am an answerer of questions for 63336) and, of course, for my photo editing, which I don't think I could go very long without! I decided, as Argos is having an awesome sale, to take the plunge and get a Mac. 

So far I am really loving it! :D I got the cheapest one available so the screen is quite a bit smaller than my old Acer, but it's not a huge problem as I don't use my laptop to watch DVDs or TV anymore. I really cannot get over how thin and light it is - wow! It's kind of strange not having a CD drive in the laptop, but when I think about it, I hardly ever used the one on my old laptop anyway (apart from when I used to watch DVDs on it at university).

The best thing is when you click on "shut down" it shuts down within 30 seconds! Amazing! I showed my dad who has an ancient laptop and he nearly fainted at how quick it was, hehe! 


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