Wednesday, 9 November 2011

♥ Sparkler fun! ♥

Last night, Lee and I had a go at taking long exposure shots with sparklers. I'd not taken any long exposure pictures before so it was fun to try something new, and sparklers are always fun anyway :) For the one in the bottom right I didn't use the flash, hence why the colour looks different, and you can't see me so well. In retrospect, I think I prefer that effect, although the flash proved useful in highlighting my face in the shot above that one. I would have liked to have taken more but we ran out of sparklers. Next time, I'll have to buy an extra pack and I think buying larger sparklers would have helped too, as these ones were cheap, small ones that didn't last very long.
If you have any sparklers left over from bonfire night, there's a brilliant tutorial on how to take these kind of fun sparkler shots here. :)

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