Thursday, 1 December 2011

30 Festive Days: Days 1-5

I started a new Christmas 30 day photo project the other day. I love Christmas, particularly the countdown to it, so it seemed like a fun idea for a project. Christmas is definitely going to be a strange one this year. Someone I know is ill, so that's going to make things very different, and I'm going to be working a lot. I've never worked over Christmas so that's going to be weird, although I'm also glad of it because of the person I know being ill. Work is a great distraction. Anyway, I think this project will also be a great, positive distraction.

So, here are the first 5 photos. I haven't actually got out any decorations or anything yet so the first few days have been a bit difficult. I'm sure it will be easier as it gets closer to Christmas though!

Day 1. Cyril the Christmas Pudding

Cyril was made by the lovely Kitty Pink Stars

Day 2. Chocolate Coins

An essential Christmas treat.

Day 3. Snowflake Fairy Lights

Day 4. Mini Eggnog Cupcakes

I made these for my Cupcake Challenge 2011 and my 100 Hummingbird Bakery Recipes Challenge. (I would link to them but I'm having trouble doing so - not used to this Mac yet!). 

They aren't exactly how they are meant to be. They're meant to be a vanilla sponge with a fresh nutmeg and rum essence frosting. I didn't have any rum essence so I added some vanilla essence instead and then some cinnamon, just because I love cinnamon. They came out OK although the nutmeg flavour is a bit overpowering.

Day 5. Sweep getting into the festive spirit

Um, yes. Sweep loves his Christmas hat. A quick shot for yesterday because I was out most of the day.

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