Sunday, 11 December 2011

30 Festive Days: Days 11-15

Day 11. One of my favourite Christmas CDs. I don't really like the newer Glasvegas stuff that much, but I LOVE this album and the first one is pretty good too. :)

Day 12. Some flower lights at the German Market in Birmingham

Day 13. Snowflake shortbread

Day 14. My Festive Friends Snowglobe

Day 15. A chocolate candy cane cupcake from M&S. I didn't get to try one of these, but I thought I'd photograph one as they are so cute!

I've been quite busy lately. I'm enjoying my temp job. I wish it were more permanent :-/ I'm not looking forward to having to start job-hunting again soon. Still, it should help me to find something else similar...

 It was my birthday yesterday. I'm now 27 - eek! I didn't do anything special so it was a pretty lazy one! I'm planning a little blog post of one of my birthday gifts later in the week. :)  

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