Tuesday, 20 December 2011

30 Festive Days: Days 21-25

Day 21. Penguin slippers

My fab new slipper boots from Next. :)

Day 22. Mini Chocolate Brownies

These are from M&S as part of their party food range. I love the gold sprinkles on them. :)

Day 23. Bauble reflection

I think perhaps I should have got out my old camera for this as this is as far as my kit lens would zoom in and when I tried to move closer it wouldn't focus, gah! 

Day 24. Snowflake earring

I did the last bits of Christmas shopping on this day and I decided to get myself a new pair of Chrismas earrings. :D These were from Claire's.

The background in this shot is my mirror which has bear fairy lights around it. I had a lot of trouble taking this photo because my hand was shaking and the earring kept moving around so much. In the end I gave up on using manual and switched to automatic action shot mode so I could get the earring in focus. It meant the ISO was really high though so it came out rather grainy  - I suppose it sort of adds to the dreamy effect though.

Day 25. Poinsettia

Bit of a random shot for today! I had planned to photograph the plant with me in my hat in the background, but couldn't find a spot in the house that didn't have stuff everywhere, so    the little fibre optic tree had to be in the background too!

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