Sunday, 25 December 2011

30 Festive Days: Days 26-30

Happy Christmas bloggers! It feels sort of wrong blogging on Christmas Day, but I have some time to myself and there's currently nothing on TV I want to watch, although I might put on Ponyo soon! I've seen it before, but it's very cute.

Anyway, here are my final project photos!

Day 26. Penelope Penguin

A quick shot of Penelope Penguin as I was ill and was running low on ideas. :S

Day 27. Candy Cane Cupcakes

Another shot of the mint flavoured cupcakes I made that day. :)

Day 28. Another bauble

Again, running low on ideas. But, I do like this gold bauble.

Day 29. Rose

Every year my dad buys a festive bouquet for my mum.

Day 30. Happy Christmas! 

I got the lens I wanted, yay! It's this one. :) 

Here's the whole project altogether:

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day! 

Here's a nice, festive song for you!

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