Monday, 30 January 2012

30 days of self-portraits

Hooray I've managed to do 30 days of self-portraits. I've enjoyed it more than I did the first time I attempted doing them. I've really tried to push myself this time to be more creative with them. Of course, it isn't possible to be that creative every day, but I've enjoyed giving it a go. I am going to carry on with it, and see how long I can keep it up for. I am loving playing along with the weekly challenges in The Teleidoscope group and working my way through last year's list of challenges in the Project Soul Pancake group, so I figure I may as well carry on doing daily pictures as well. :)

It's hard to explain why I love doing the self-portrait thing so much. I can totally understand if to someone who isn't into photography it comes across as self-obsessed or vain or "pretentious", because that was my initial reaction to them too when I first heard about the self-portrait idea several years ago. On the surface it does seem vain to take photos of yourself. It wasn't until I started following the 365 self-portrait projects of others that I realised it isn't like that at all. Coming up with original and interesting ideas is hard enough, but even to put a camera in front of your face on days when you feel ill or low can be extremely tough. It's all part of the challenge, but even on days when you resort to photographing your feet or making yourself out of focus in a shot, it can be hard to do so creatively. Anyway, mostly, it's a fun project and I like letting my imagination get carried with it and learning more about my camera along the way. :) It is keeping me going right now whilst I'm looking for full-time work.

I've particularly enjoyed experimenting a bit more with mixing my photos with illustrations this past month, so I think I'm going to try to more photos using that technique.

Anyway, here are my favourites from the last 30 days:

This next photo was for the Teleidoscope Flickr group on the theme of "Impact", representing the bad impact we often have on the environment.

This photo of Totoro and I was for the Bench Monday group. I know that Totoro should technically be much larger, but he kindly offered to use his magical powers to shrink himself for this photo. ;) I was originally going to draw a Totoro illustration by hand and scan it, but to save a bit of time I used this outline which kids can print off and colour in. I coloured mine in on Photoshop and edited his eyes so that he was looking up in the direction of my face. I then added a nice Analog filter.

This was another for The Teleidoscope on the theme of "develop". I was thinking along the lines of developing imagination. I'm not completely happy with this one but I enjoyed putting it together and I'm definitely going to use those awesome pencils made of branches in my photos again.

Finally, I took this one today for Bench Monday. :)

I'm going to be doing some voluntary event photography next month and I'm very excited about it. :D If you're interested in becoming a volunteer photographer, check out this group. They regularly make requests for volunteers and it seems like a good way to build up experience.

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