Friday, 17 February 2012

Books & Balloons

I appear to have abandoned my blog a bit lately. I think it is definitely time I designed a new header. I can't stand the font I used for my current one. Maybe giving it a new look will encourage me to get back into blogging more regularly again.

This week's theme in The Teleidoscope group is "books". I knew I wanted to have a go at cutting shapes out of a page of an old book, as I really love other images I've seen using the technique, (such as this and this. Amazing, huh?). I came up with this concept:

A book can take you to another world

My boyfriend was pretty horrified I cut up a book at all, but honestly, it was a really old religious book that nobody would want to read these days. :P 

The globe wasn't too difficult to cut out. I found an outline of a globe online, then printed it out and traced it on to the book. I then used my trusty nail scissors to cut it out, as I find them much easier to use than other types of craft scissors. They're great for cutting tiny bits of paper because they have such a fine point and the curved edge helps too. (If you're thinking that's a bit unhygienic, I don't actually use them on my nails :P).

I decided to draw an outline around the globe in black ink because without that outline, it wouldn't have looked that much like a globe when I cut it out.


Last week, I decided to enter another photography competition run by Tiger Print, the card design company for M&S. I'd entered their floral photography competition a little while ago, but hadn't won anything. This time the theme was Teenage Years, which was much harder and there were far fewer entries than for the floral one. I entered a couple of older shots of mine, and then I decided to take these two silly balloon ones last minute.

I like this one, but I think perhaps it was too pink and not trendy enough to fit the brief. I reckon younger girls might like it more.

I decided to draw a moustache on this blue one as they seem to be quite a trendy thing these days, I'm always seeing them on t-shirts and accessories. And, that one was a runner-up - hooray! I really enjoy entering Tiger Print's photography competitions. It would be completely awesome to win one because you win a placement with the company. :D 

I don't have much other news. I've been busy job-hunting, as ever, trying to do bits of work for 63336, and obviously, taking lots of photos to keep me sane (or, as sane as an unemployed person can be!).


  1. I love the mustache balloon shot! And that world is awesome! :D


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