Thursday, 21 June 2012

New Diary Time :D

Warning: this post is extremely geeky. ;) 

Every year I love getting myself a new diary. I always get a new one mid-year, I think just because I got so used to having new planners at the start of a new school year and then for uni too. I always get mine from Paperchase because they generally have a great selection of styles and patterns. For the last few years I've bought one of their range of flexi sleeve diaries, such as the ones at the top of the page here. But, I've been getting bored of that style and I don't particularly like any of the covers on them this year. Also, I think they have gone up in price slightly and £7 seems a lot of money for something not very pretty.

So, instead I've got myself this lovely organiser. I think it is a bargain at £11, considering it is actually for an 18 month period lasting until the end of 2013 and the cover is just gorgeous. :D

It has little pockets inside for keeping stamps, cards etc..

Paperchase also sell paper refills if I want to use the same cover again in 2014, although I suspect by then I'll want a whole new diary again. ;)

You can have a look at their range of organisers on their website here.

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