Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Thoughts

I appear to be coming down with a throat infection/cold which my boyfriend had last week. He had to have a whole week off work to recover but there's no chance of me being able to do the same as there is literally nobody who could cover my shifts at work this week, plus I need the money and wouldn't get sick pay. 

I'm really annoyed because I'd hoped to make a bigger effort with my 365 this month, starting today on my day off. But I don't have the energy to leave the house, let alone pick up my DSLR. 

Oh well, here are a couple of random cheery pictures I felt like posting in here. 

Mmm fondant fancies. These ones aren't Mr Kipling, they're M&S ones, but they taste exactly the same to me. Maybe they're made in the same factory?

Here's a random shot taken in my parents' garden in the spring. I know it's not a great photo of the crocus in the middle, but I like the part at the bottom of the photo. The out of focus petals look like the top of a heart. Well, they do to me anyway.

Finally, here's a random shot of Hamley, my bear, looking cute. I took this to go on a birthday card for my mum.


  1. Nice photos. Hope you feel better soon! Being ill and having to work absolutely sucks! Sending you get well vibes! :)

    1. Thankyou very much! I definitely need those vibes! :)

  2. lovely photos :) sorry to hear you're feeling unwell. Tim (my husband) has just told me he feels he's coming down with something and I'm already dreading catching it. I hope you feel much better soon :)

    1. Thankyou very much! Oh no, lots of people seem to be getting poorly at the moment. I hope you won't get the lurgy too!


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