Monday, 27 August 2012

Mosaic Monday

This week it's all about hair flips. I hope you'll like this selection of flippin' marvellous shots. :)

I think this might be my favourite mosaic so far.

The photographers:

1. suchaboss., 2. Dance, Dance, Dance., 3. a tree to climb, 4. If you're cold, dance., 5. The Impromptu Concerto, 6. one hundred ninety five, 7. difficulties of the daydream., 8. 135/365 Magic, 9. The chaos of beauty.

 I've been trying some of my own hair flip photos this month. I hadn't realised how fun and easy they are. Being someone with very fine, not very long hair, I thought hair flip photos would come out looking rubbish for me. But, my experiments weren't too bad and I had a lot of fun. 

I really want to try some outdoor hair flips next time. :) I have decided to order my new tripod at the end of the month, woop! This will make outdoor photos much easier for me. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to getting it!


  1. beautiful pictures. my fave in the mosaic is number 8 <3 i love your t shirt by the way, thats so cool!
    hooray for your tripod! :) i hope you're having a good week :) xx

    1. Glad you like it, no 8 is so lovely and dreamy :)

      Thankyou! & I know, I can't wait! I am, thankyou, hope you are too :D x


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