Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Self-portraits in July

I've enjoyed this project more this last month. Sometimes I definitely expect too much of myself with these photo projects but once I get in that mindset of just having fun with it, then it BECOMES fun. Sometimes I wish I had more of a clear photography style, rather than trying so many different things, but I like lots of different types of photos, so maybe my style is a varied one...

Here are my pictures from July.

These are my favourites from the last few weeks. I still miss having easier access to outdoor locations, and I still can't afford a decent new tripod, so I'm trying to make the most of having a lovely, light flat to take photos in with that gorgeous big window in the living room.

On another note, I was going to join in with a blogging challenge next month (the 30 days of lists one) until I realised you have to pay and now I'm in two minds about it. I wanted to join in because I've never participated in anything like it before and it seems like a fun idea, I thought I could incorporate fun photography into the project. But, I've looked through the email about signing up for it and I can't see exactly what the money is paying for. If any of you are joining in with it and know what the money is for, then please let me know! If you've done it before, was it worth it? I can't decide if it's worth risking it or not. $8 is almost an hour's wages for me.


  1. Nice self portraits :)

    Hmm that sounds odd that you have to pay for the lists challenge. I've done other challenges like a Photo a Day and you never had to pay for that so not sure how it's different.

    1. Thankyou, Laura! :)

      I know, it's very strange. It all seems well-organised and everything, but I'm not sure it warrants the $8 fee. :-/


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