Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Society 6

This is just to say I've joined Society 6, so if any of you would like to follow me (and of course, I'll follow you back as well) you can find me here. I will make a blog button for it soon.

I decided to leave Red Bubble the other day because I decided it was not for me. I found it quite "cliquey" and nobody seemed to bother commenting on my work or even look at it, even when I added things to groups. Also, Red Bubble had quite an unprofessional feel to it. Maybe I am being snobby about it, but I just didn't like a lot of the artwork on there at all and the layout didn't look very good either. It was also painfully slow at uploading.

So far, Society 6 has impressed me. It's super fast to upload new items and the layout is much nicer. It has a classier feel to it, I think. 

Whether I'll actually sell anything on there is another matter, but I like the idea of some of my images being available should anyone want one. :) I will sort an Etsy too, eventually.

Anyway, I'm off to finish my lunch and go to work. Hope everyone has a good day! xx


  1. Good luck with your new selling place! It seems very very nice, will check it out more soon. Sorry that Red Bubble didn't work out for you. Hope you had a lovely lunch and enjoy your day.

    1. I'm back. Checked out your shop some more and love the whole feel of it. Your photos are amazing as always! Wish I could buy them all. I just might look into getting a spot for myself there sometime. Again good luck! :)

    2. Aw, thankyou so much, Roxanne! :) Yeah, you should join it too!


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