Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lovely jumpers (& a cardi)

I love a nice jumper, especially one with something cute on it. It is about a year since I got my cat jumper which I love (FYI I got my cat jumper from H&M but I noticed they are stocking it in Modcloth), however, I think it's time for a new jumper.....or two. :P 

Here are a few I'm considering purchasing....
Love bird jumper £19.99 in H&M

This is probably my favourite of the bunch. I'm not sure such a pale jumper is a good idea though. It is asking to have tea spilt down it! :-/

Owl jumper £40 in Yumi

I love Yumi, but I've only ever bought about 3 things from there because it's all so expensive. I love the little bow detail on this and the autumn leaves.

Grey owl jumper £24.99 in New Look

Unicorn jumper £30 in Dorothy Perkins

I love this one. I don't normally go for pale pinks but the unicorn wins me over.

Glittery teal jumper £15 in H&M

This looks boring in the photo, but I saw it IRL and it's VERY sparkley. It's my favourite colour so I'm tempted.

It also comes in an awesome shade of purple.

Finally, this "The Tweet Life" cardi from Modcloth is just gorgeous. It's $79.99, though. Also, it looks like it has crazily long arms. I have very short arms, so it's unlikely it would fit me. But, I think it would look amazing on the right person.

I really want to find a jumper with hedgehogs all over it, but I'm not sure they exist. If anyone sees one anywhere please let me know! :)


  1. Oh I love these....and I need the owl one!! I'm a big fan of Autumn jumpers :)

  2. I scanned down through all the jumpers first before reading and then when I read it you had put exactly what I was thinking, hehe. My favourite is the top one too but I was thinking I love that but would get coffee or paint on it within minutes.. I'm too clumsy for white! I also love the unicorn despite owning nothing pale pink. The teal h&M one would be the most wearable for me. It's a shame Modcloth is always so expensive $79 for a jumper.. was it knitted by pixies? haha. Awesome selection! :)

    1. Hehe, glad you like the selection! Yeah, I'm tempted to get the top one, and just try to be REALLY careful. I love the teal one too. Ahh there is too much choice. I want them all, ha!

      Yeah, I've never bought anything from Modcloth and I'm not sure I ever will... :-/

  3. Oh and p.s.
    I saw these cute hedgehog jumpers on asos the other day!

    1. Ooh thanks for the links! I like the pink one. :D

  4. Great finds!
    I love that 1st one! One thing I like about it getting colder is all the cute jumpers!
    Will keep an eye out for hedgehog ones!

    1. Glad you like the selection! Yeah, you can't beat a nice jumper. :D

      & thanks! :)

  5. Oh I love the owl ones! They are all so cute!!

  6. you have great taste in clothes (very similar to me hehe) i love all these jumpers, i want them all! <3

    1. Haha thankyou, lady! :D Yeah I think we have similar taste in prints for sure :D I want them all too., lol, but I've only bought the glittery teal one. :)

  7. Iv just got the owl one but i dont know what to wear it with . Any suggestions ???


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