Thursday, 13 September 2012

Things I Love Thursday

As I am feeling a little sad that my few days in Birmingham went by so quickly, I thought writing one of these lists would be a good way to feel more positive. Here's a list of things that have made me smile this week. 

*meeting up with my friend Alice back in Birmingham. We hadn't seen each other for months so it was great to have a catch up. We also went to Entices, which is an awesome ice-cream parlour in Birmingham. Fun times :D

*the clouds I painted on my nails.... next time I might have to add more detail to the sky (e.g. a kite maybe? or little birds? or a sun? or balloons? Or all of those things? :D) but I thought I'd start with something fairly simple.

*my new tripod. I will write about it more soon and include photos for a nerdy post comparing it to my other tripod. Watch this space, photography nerds :P

*my new hair cut. I love it when you've just had a good cut and it feels very fresh and neat. I have to wear a hair net at work so I'd been tying it up everyday which has really damaged my fine hair, so from now I'm hoping it's short enough to keep in the hair net as it is. Goodbye, split ends!

*the home-made white chocolate fudge my parents bought me on holiday in Dorset. *drools* 

*The Great British Bake Off. Found out from Alice that Brendan is from Sutton Coldfield and lives round the corner from my parents, therefore I want him to win, or Catherine because she's really funny and doesn't know how talented she is. 

*my giant bubble wand (yes, I am 5 years old :P) which Lee bought me from the kids' "pocket money" section in M&S. I had a play with it in my parents' was too much fun!

         * going to Liverpool tomorrow with Lee for a daytrip. We're not sure what we'll do there yet, and I'm not particularly looking forward to the long train journey, but it will be worth it because Liverpool is a fab city. 

(This list was inspired by the TILT lists of Libby!)


  1. wow i love your cloud nails! i love cloud designs generally, it's one of my favourite prints :)
    and that bubble wand looks so great!
    thanks for your comment about my etsy shop. i'll send you a few small prints for free if you like. just email me: with a list of up to five 6x4 prints or polaroid style prints and tell me your address and i'll send them to you :) i haven't actually printed my two latest pictures yet(jar of hearts and pink hearts out of focus) but i need to order some stock for Etsy and i hope they'll print nicely, you can never tell for sure :)
    anyway i hope you're having a good week! :) xx

    1. Me too! I wish you could buy more things with clouds on. I'd love a cloud print dress or skirt but I've never seen one for sale :(

      The bubble wand is brilliant. I can't recommend them enough. They're very therapeutic too :)

      That would be so wonderful, thankyou! Our flat is in desperate need of art for the walls which is why I'm wanting some of your photos! I will have a think about which I'd like and will email you soon :) xx

  2. Oh, the clouds on nails<3 Loving your blog!
    Merrily Merrily,



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