Thursday, 20 September 2012

Things I Love Thursday

It's been an insanely stressful week, so this post is a necessity! I couldn't think of many things, but here are a few...

♥ Twining's camomile, honey and vanilla tea

Generally, I hate herbal teas and I stick to Traditional English brews, but I love this one. It's perfect for evenings when you're feeling anxious and caffeinated tea isn't a good idea before bedtime.

♥ New Paperchase stickers!


 ..and foxes and hedgehogs!

I am a sticker addict. Particularly Paperchase ones. I don't even have much use for them anymore. I used to buy them to decorate letters to penpals but I don't have many penpals anymore. Somehow I still can't resist them. A new set makes me feel instantly happy. :)

♥ My pink glittery lava lamp. 

Well, it is meant to be pink but looks red-ish when it is turned on.

I brought it up from Birmingham last week complete with a new bulb. It's great to have it working again as it had needed a new bulb for over a year.

I have a few ideas in my head of how I could use it in self-portraits. :)

We have now found a flat :) I don't feel excited about it right now, because everything has to happen very quickly and I am too stressed to feel excited, but I hope that once we've actually signed the contract and moved in there the excitement of being in a new place will hit me. Sadly, it does not have many of things I had hoped for, like a bath :(. There just aren't many places available this time of year, and we needed one so fast and with furniture, and in a good location, so there wasn't a huge choice. 

The one we're going for has a very small bathroom and kitchen, which is annoying, but on the plus side, it's in a quiet road, on the top floor of a big house (the others we looked at were ground floor flats, which I wasn't keen on for security reasons), and it has a massive bedroom and a massive living room, both of which have lots of windows, including skylights, making the rooms super light - perfect for indoor photos. :D I think that because of the skylights, it's even lighter than our current flat, so that is a real bonus for me. :)

Speaking of photos, I've decided I need a break from my 365 project. I haven't had a moment to take a photo for it for 5 days now, as things have been so difficult. There have been problems at my workplace, as well as all the moving stuff, so I've pretty much been a big ball of stress! I hope I will feel able to restart it when we move, and it will have to be a 365 project minus a couple of weeks. :( It is a shame as I was starting to get back into again but then everything went pear-shaped all at  once. :-/ Oh well, life gets in the way too much sometimes...


  1. Those stickers are adorable! Glad to hear you've got somewhere new - hope you love it when you move in :)

    1. Thanks, Libby! :D Hehe, yeah I couldn't resist those stickers, especially the hedgehogs with googly eyes! :D

  2. good idea to take a break from 365, i know how hard it is to keep that up. Sometimes life just gets in the way. I find it hard to take photos when I'm stressed. It must have been such a nasty week for you. I smiled when I saw that tea, I have the same tea in my kitchen! I love it and I was surprised because I don't normally like camomile tea but it's lovely isn't it?

    I'm glad to hear there are plus points to your new flat. Light is soo important. Our little house is so dark and it took me ages to accept that taking photos here just wont ever really work and adapt. I want big windows! lol. Also, our kitchen is tiny and don't worry, it's ok having a small kitchen, you get used to it ;)

    I hope everything goes well and when you've moved i'll send you a lovely parcel of joy to make you smile <3 :)

    P.S. I love those Stickers. Paperchase is one of my fave shops and stickers and postcards are always lovely!

    1. Yeah I'm frustrated that I got so far with the 365, but there's no point in doing it right now...might as well just continue when we move and have a fresh start!

      Ha, that's good to know about the small kitchen. It really is very pokey, but I suppose we will just have to adapt.

      Thanks & I really can't wait for your parcel! :D

      I know, I would really like to work at Paperchase. They have so many lovely things!

  3. I love all your favorite things! That tea looks yummy and those stickers are too cute!! Your new flat sounds great with all that light! My dream is to live in a house with lots of windows and natural day!

    1. Thanks, Heather! Yeah, I'm happy to have found a place that is very light, especially as we won't have a garden where I can take photos, so having a light flat is a necessity for me!

  4. Did you see Paperchase has a 50% off sale in Waterstones in Notts at the moment? I was very tempted to buy loads! I used to collect stickers when i was younger but still love them too. Congrats on finding a flat :)

    1. I had no idea there's a Paperchase in Waterstones. In fact, I'm not sure I've seen the Waterstones in Nottingham! I will look it up right away! 50% off is pretty rare for Paperchase! thanks for telling me :)

      & thankyou! :D I can't wait to move!

  5. I'll have to give that tea a try, it sounds lovely! I've been looking for something calming to drink before going to bed and that seems perfect!

    It's a shame your new flat isn't quite like what you wanted, but at least it's very light, that sounds awesome! Matt's parents' house is really dark, sometimes it almost feels like I live in a cave :P taking photos indoors here is a bit of a nightmare.. :S

    1. It is nice! Apparently, it's good with a dollop of honey in it too. :)

      Yeah, I really feel like I need a light place, especially because we won't have a garden, I need somewhere to take my photos! :)


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