Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Disaster Designs Satchels

As I've mentioned before here, I really love Disaster Designs stuff, and it would seem I'm definitely not the only one as my last blog post on the subject back in July last year has had over 400(!) views (that's a crazy amount compared to most of my posts, lol).

My vintage bird satchel that I got over a year ago is now looking very worn because I've used it everyday, so I decided it was time for a new one.

Here are some that I considered buying...

The 'Flutters & Fancies' satchel. I quite like the style of this one but decided against getting it because the white part would get grubby so quickly (especially when you're as clumsy as I am! :P), and I'm not too keen on the dark green bit as it's not a colour I really wear. The flower design is very pretty though!

How fab is this nautical 'Sea Breeze' one?! I don't think this one is very me, as I'm not really a sea/beach person, but it would be great for someone who lives by the sea or is very fond of it. I love the detail that has gone into this one with the little ribbon at the bottom and the little flags on the one side - it's so cute!

This travel themed 'Bon Voyage' satchel is also pretty awesome. The teal colour of it is nice and I like the little origami bird. I saw someone carrying this one around town the other day and changed my mind about it though. I think maybe there is too much going on in the design, for me, anyway. But, I suppose if you like the randomness of it and you really love travelling, then it might be for you.

I ordered this next one and it arrived today but I was really disappointed with it.

The 'Wild Wood' satchel.

I ordered it because it looks adorable with those cute woodland illustrations and a cute fabric acorn and autumn leaf on the side, but unfortunately the strap and material of it is rubbish. The strap isn't very adjustable at all. It really is a disastrous design, haha! It's like a belt with holes in it so you can only adjust it a bit, but at its shortest it hangs way too low for me. :-/ I could punch holes in it myself but I think that would look awful and possibly break the strap entirely. The material of the entire bag is very flimsy, which I didn't expect because my Vintage Bird one is very thick. I don't think it would be strong enough to hold my DSLR. I'm going to send this one back....

This last one I'd been considering getting and as the Wild Wood one proved to be so useless, I decided to go out and buy this one instead this afternoon from the cute little art shop A Room Full of Butterflies in Sherwood. I knew they sold this one and I was lucky because they had one left. :D

The 'Songbird' satchel. :)

I'm happy I got this one in the end. It's a thicker material than the Wild Wood one. The strap is much thicker and is properly adjustable. It's slightly bigger than my Vintage Bird print one, but that is a probably a good thing - more room for my DSLR AND my travel tripod! Woop!

The little details on it are very cute.

I love this lining inside the flap.

And this lining inside the main part of the bag.

Sorry the photos are a bit dark - I'm feeling too lazy to edit them!

Some of the illustrations on it are really sweet.

So where can you find these awesome bags?

Spoilt Rotten Gift Shop - this is where I ordered my Wild Wood one. Even though I'm disappointed with the bag, the service has been very good and it was delivered in a cute pink bag along with some free Love Hearts. The delivery was free too! Will just have to see now how good they are about returns & refunds.
Lisa Angel - I've bought jewellery from here before and found the service to be very good.
Campus Gifts - I've not ordered anything from here before myself but they have a wide selection of Disaster Design stuff so it might be worth checking out.
Yumi - this is where I got my vintage bird one in a sale for £17, which was a bargain, although they don't seem to sell them that cheap anymore. :(
Amazon also has lots of them, as does eBay. :)


  1. I looove reading your blog.
    This post really make me want to buy a satchel as well.
    Thankies for the great links. I'm going online shopping now :)

    1. Aw, so glad you like it, Isa!
      You're welcome - hope you manage to find one! :D

  2. I've never heard of these bags but I really like them! I think I might go see what I can find on Amazon :)

    1. They are great bags! :D Hope you find a nice one! :)

  3. such a beautiful bags :)
    you're blog is cute, now im following you back too ;) xx

    1. Thankyou & yay! thanks for the follow :D x


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