Thursday, 25 October 2012

Things I Love Thursday

    * my oil burner, which I bought from work, along with some lavender oil. The shop sells lots of incense and different oils, but I decided an oil burner would be nicer than incense because you can control how strong the scent is and also, I just think oil burners look prettier. 

    * being a Getty contributor. I sold this photo last month, yay!

    * Chocolate. From time to time I go through phases of being unable to last a day without eating a bar or two of chocolate. I'm going through one of these phases at the moment! My current favourite is the new Dairy Milk with Oreo, which I don't have a photo of because it never lasts long enough. :P

    * New winter pyjamas from Primark. I bought 2 pairs – one with cute owls on

and one with birds and birdcages on

    I love the cute heart and star buttons on the tops
    * Breaking Bad season 4. It is so addictive. I love it!

    * The fact that our flat is looking a lot less bare now we have a dining table and chairs in the lounge, and a desk, and a freezer on the landing – woop!

    *My new happy light bulb necklace from Claire's. :D


  1. I can rarely go one day without chocolate. It's my weakness. And I am really jealous of this pajamas! I've been looking for some new cute ones and haven't had any luck. You always seem to have the cutest things on your blog :)

    1. Hehe, same here! I can't seem to function without it :)
      Aw, haha, thanks! I am drawn to cuteness, definitely :) x


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