Saturday, 29 December 2012

In memory

I am not feeling good this morning as I am off work sick with a combination of a bad cold and the fact that my granny passed away in the early hours of today. :( She had not been herself for years after she suffered a severe stroke, but, obviously, these things are still very sad. She is the first grandparent I've lost. I wanted to post a happy picture of me with her many years ago. Here we are in her garden with my uncle's cat at the time, Sooty. :) 



  1. I am so sorry for your loss.
    I know you must be hurting now, but try to remember all the lovely and happy memories you have
    Hugs x

  2. i'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sending lots of love and support across the web. Hugs xx

  3. Really sorry for your loss. It's a lovely photo of you both with Sooty. x

    1. Thanks, Libby :) Yeah, I love that photo :) x


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