Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham: Part One

I spent much of my birthday in Birmingham :D I've missed it. We went for lunch at our favourite Thai place; Thai Edge in Brindley Place (which, in case you're interested, serves the best starter ever. It's deep fried sweetcorn cakes with a plum sauce dip, om nom nom! It's worth a visit purely for them, seriously :P). After lunch, we wandered around the market. :D

I took both my Nikon DSLR and my Minolta SLR to the market. It was great to try out my 35mm Nikon lens there because I'd not used it there before (I only got it last Christmas). There are always so many pretty things at the market and you get such great depth of field with that lens, I love it. I probably could have spent a whole day just photographing things with that camera and lens. It would have been nice to try it out after dark there too, photographing all the pretty lights, but we only stayed in Birmingham for a few hours in the daytime. Maybe another year...

Anyway, here are a few digital shots from the market. Hopefully, I'll be back with some film shots soon too. I took a lot more with my Minolta. In fact, I used a whole 36 exposure roll, oops, so hopefully, I'll get some good'uns.


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