Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Society 6 Wishlist

I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I am lusting after on Society 6. There is so much amazing art on there. If I weren't so poor I'd buy loads from there and fill every wall in our flat quite easily. :)

I love all of Asja's cute and colourful illustrations, and her photographs have massively inspired me as well over the last few years. This is my favourite illustration by her. It's beautiful. :) She has a lovely blog too, and has a few books for sale, such as this one I blogged about a while back.

How beautiful is this image? My jaw dropped when I first saw it. Snow and lights are a match made in heaven!

Skye has some really impressive conceptual pieces in her shop as well as lots of pretty patterns and images of nature. I love how she laid these brightly coloured autumn leaves out!

As my surname is Cardinal and I love birds, I've always wanted to see a Cardinal bird in real life! For now I'll have to make do with pictures of them like this lovely one. :)

You can't beat a cute kitty picture, and I love the tones and colours in this one and his sweet pose :)

There are some pretty bokeh pictures, and there are some stunning bokeh images. This is certainly one of the latter! 

and finally,

As you can probably tell, I love snowy winter images. This one is just perfect. :D

I hope you enjoyed that little selection :)

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