Thursday, 3 January 2013

New lomography cameras!

I'm a very lucky lady. I've acquired not one, not two, not three, but four(!) new lomography cameras in the last couple of months. :D I really can't wait to start using all of them!

The Reader's Digest Panoramic Camera
I got this basic panoramic camera for a few £ on eBay. It originally came free with the Reader's Digest magazine. I've taken a few shots with it so far and I'm looking forward to getting my first roll developed.

The Superheadz wide and slim camera

This was a birthday gift from my parents. I'd been wanting one of these for so long, although admittedly, part of the reason I wanted it so much is that I was lured in by the packaging, which, as you can see, is extremely cute.

This wide angle lens camera is meant to give good results too, with vivid colours and vignetting. I'm looking forward to seeing the results. :D

The Fisheye Baby

My parents bought me this for Christmas. I love my Fisheye 2 camera, but it is an awkward shape to carry around, and I always find that the viewfinder falls off inside my bag, which annoys me. I decided to ask for the Fisheye Baby because it's so much smaller (and cuter!). It's great that it's so light as I will be able to carry it around with my DSLR or SLR much more easily. Yay!

It takes 110 film cartridges, which are more expensive than 35mm, and are more expensive to process too, but I shall just have to be careful not to waste shots.

The Superheadz Ikimono camera

Finally, Lee bought me this little Superheadz camera for one simple reason. It has a hedgehog on it!

This is another one that takes 110 film. If you're interested in getting one of these they also come with other animals on, such as a squirrel, a cat, a worm and a donkey! :)

I'm not expecting the results of this camera to be amazing as it was only £11, but I'll be sure to post my results here when I get them. Watch this space! :)


  1. Cute cameras! I always get annoyed when the viewfinder falls off my Fisheye camera as well! The Superheadz is really good, best to try it out on nice sunny days.

    1. Ha, yeah, it happens all the time! D'oh!

      I keep hearing really good things about Superheadz :D Can't wait to get started!

  2. Love all the new cameras, looking forward to seeing the results of 110 film :-)


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