Monday, 14 January 2013

Paper Snow

We woke up to about an inch of pretty snow in Sherwood this morning. I had to catch a train back home today as I'm staying in Birmingham this week. Sadly, there wasn't much snow here and it melted very quickly this afternoon. Luckily, I had come prepared with my paper snowflakes, which I hung in the garden instead ;)

I hadn't made paper snowflakes for years. I had a vague idea how, but couldn't get them to look right until I found this video. It isn't the best made video in the world, but if you copy that cutting technique, you get very pretty flakes! :) I recommend using curved nail scissors too.

Hope it's snowing where you are, or if not, why not make some paper snow instead? :)


  1. So pretty! It never snows here in Southern California, so I always miss snow.

    1. Thanks! aw, that's a shame. We only get it once or twice a year, usually. I'm hoping we'll get more proper snow again soon!

  2. Ah, these are so delightful!


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