Thursday, 24 January 2013

Things I Love Thursday

☃ The recent snow! :D Incase you can't tell, I'm very fond of the stuff.

We went to the arboretum on Saturday and I took my Superheadz wide & slim along with me. I got a few nice shots, although I think I prefer the look of photos from this camera when the sun is out. But, here are a few I did like... 

I don't know if you can see but this was a punk snowman with a little mohican, hehe.

Lots more snow fell during Sunday night. On Monday morning, the view from our living room window was incredibly pretty.

I went to the arboretum by myself that morning, and it was so beautiful and peaceful. I took some photos using black & white film, and some with my panoramic camera, which hopefully, I'll get back from the lab in a few days. :)

☃Spending some time back in Birmingham last week and getting to see m'colleague for the first time in ages. It was fun to catch up and we had some extremely delicious pizzas and plenty of olives at Bella Italia. Yummy!

☃My current nails I created using one of the Bundle Monster stamping plates I got for Christmas. Obviously, I went for a snowflake theme. :D 

☃Speaking of nail art, I recently discovered Seche vite. I read about this stuff on Nailasaurus, so thought I'd give it a go as I get so impatient waiting for my nails to dry. It's a super fast drying top coat which dries in a couple of minutes. It is a bit expensive (£6ish on Amazon), but I think it's worth it for the time it saves you. It does have a couple of faults, one being the smell of it, which is horrible, so open a window, and two, it does "shrink" your design a bit, but it isn't very noticeable, so it would only annoy you if you're a total perfectionist with your nail art.

☃Chai lattes. I've been making these at home a lot recently using vanilla chai latte powder from Whittard with hot milk. It is such a comforting drink to have in this cold weather. I've tried other brands of chai latte powder, but so far, this one is definitely the nicest I've found.


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