Saturday, 23 February 2013

20 facts about me

1. My favourite magazine as a kid was the Farthing Wood friends magazine. I collected loads of them.
2. Generally, I couldn't give a monkey's about branded clothes, but I do love Dr Martens. They're just so comfy, and go with everything. I pretty much live in them except when it's hot in summer. I have about 10 pairs now, including one white and turquoise pair I bought 3 years ago and I've never worn because they're a bit crazy. I should try to figure out an outfit they'll actually go with! Or maybe put them on eBay....
3. I lived in Rome for 6 months in 2006-2007. I studied early cinema at Roma Tre university. I also did a few other modules (in the "beauty" of cinema and the history of music) but the early cinema one was by far the most memorable. We watched a lot of Charlie Chaplin. :D
4. I adore Italian food. That was the best thing about living in Italy! I had a gelato pretty much everyday, I think.
5. I also love Thai food. 
6. I never been anywhere outside of Europe.
7. I'm 5ft 3ish.
8. The highlight of being at primary school was the day I won a giant jar of sweets in one of those "guess how many sweets are in the jar" competitions. :D
9. My favourite subjects at secondary school were French, Spanish, Russian and Art.
10. I used to have one of those Shaun the Sheep rucksacks that everyone had for a while when I was about 12. Remember them? :D
11. My favourite t-shirt when I was 17ish was one with a photo of Sweep on playing the guitar. I still have it somewhere and I still think it's the best t-shirt ever.
12. I had clarinet lessons for about 8 years.
13. I would love to go to Japan to see (and photograph) the cherry blossoms.
14. My hometown is Sutton Coldfield. Generally, I say I'm from Birmingham because nobody has heard of Sutton Coldfield, which is understandable.
15. My birthday's December 10th. Some famous people I share it with (according to my trusty Googling skills) are Meg White, Emily Dickinson and Kenneth Branagh.
16. I hate peppers. They taste so gross. 
17. My first camera was a Boots "Flash Dude". It said "Flash Dude" in big letters on the front. Sadly, I don't know what happened to it.
18. I really want to go on holiday this year. Preferably, abroad, but if not, then to the Lake District.
19. My top 5 all-time favourite films are: Annie Hall, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Edward Scissorhands, Picnic at Hanging Rock and Lost In Translation.
20. My top 5 all-time favourite bands are (oh, this is hard....): My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins, Slowdive, The Cure and Pixies.


  1. I used to get the Farthing Wood magazine too! I loved it :D I still have some of the badges and stuff that came free, hee!

    1. Yay! It had the best freebies didn't it?! I'll never forget the first issue of it because I remember it came with this big sticker board thing and I spent hours and hours playing with it :D The TV show was awesome too!

  2. Ah, I had the Shaun the Sheep backpack, too! But he was modified slightly to look a bit more nu-metal. Wish I had a photograph!

    My secondary school only offered French and German. Would have loved to have learnt Russian!

    1. Haha, I'd forgotten about nu-metal! Mine had a few bead bracelets on it, but he looked more "hippy-ish".

      Aw. Mine offered French and Spanish up to A-level and Russian to GCSE level as an extra thing for Sixth Form students. I don't remember much Russian now, unfortunately, but I hope maybe if I were to go there it might come back a bit!

    2. I taught myself the Russian alphabet and basic phrases, but haven't got as far as that. I'd like to have a one-to-one tutor, but I probably have no real need to learn Russian!

    3. Aw, you should do it anyway, if you'll enjoy it :) I don't really remember why I decided to learn it, other than it was free and I liked learning languages, generally, so I thought I'd give it a go. It was fun to learn to write in a different alphabet, for sure! It's so hard though. Even for GCSE level we didn't seem to learn much more than the basics. We barely even touched upon the past tense or other tenses, because just learning the present tense was hard enough!

  3. What a great list! I had the Farthing Friends mag too - I used to spend hours reading it and copying the drawings!

  4. Two things about me...

    One, I always end up stopping by here because I've clicked My Bloody Valentine on my profile (maybe the Pixies too). Excellent.

    Two, my family is originally from the smaller towns around Birmingham too.


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