Friday, 1 February 2013

Self-portraits in January

On January 1st I started another 365 self-portrait project. It is my 3rd attempt at a self-portrait project. You can see my 1st attempt here, from when I had just bought my first and current DSLR. I only managed to keep it going for 3 months, though. My 2nd attempt from last year is here, where I managed it for 260ish days. I'm hoping I'll be 3rd time lucky this year and keep it going throughout the whole year. :) 

Here are a few of my favourite shots so far....

This one was taken as part of the photo tennis project I'm doing with Libby. In the project, we pick out some aspect (e.g. object, colour, concept, style, whatever takes our fancy!) of the previous photo to inspire our own. In this case, Libby had used red candles in her photo, so I decided to go for a red themed photo. I got the clock for our kitchen from in the sale, and knew I had to use it as a prop. :D 

These were both shots taken with my Minolta X-300. They hadn't entirely come out properly because that camera is being annoying at the moment (really hoping it's a fixable problem!), so I used the best bits to make a diptych.

This was another film shot taken with my Minolta X-300. I'm so pleased with the focus in this because it can be very tricky with this camera, especially when using the self-timer. It made getting the roll developed worthwhile because the snow shots I took on that roll didn't come out well at all.

My best pack of bubble mixture (yes, I have a few different packs of bubble mixture!) is back at my parents' house, so when I went there recently I had to do a bubble shot with it. It took a few goes to get the focus right and to get a good stream of bubbles!

I took this next one on January 6th to represent taking down the Christmas tree. 
It is always a sad thing to do.

I love out of focus fairy light photos (especially those by the lovely Beth Retro). I was wearing a red top so decided to make them into a heart shape. :)

I took this one for The Teleidoscope group on the theme of "sense of self" I picked out a few things that I think best represent me, and laid them out in a style inspired by the lovely photo at the top of One Sheepish Girl's blog

This next one was another for The Teleidoscope on the theme of "enchanted forest". This is such a tough theme if you don't have easy access to a pretty wood to play photography in! Thankfully, I'd bought one of those little magic trees earlier in the month (also in the sale!) so I made my own mini indoor enchanted forest! :D

Finally, this one was also part of photo tennis with Libby. She had used a fireplace in her photo, so I did the same. I wasn't sure whether or not to use this shot or one of me actually playing the guitar, but I loved the reflections of the lights on the guitar in this one (these were hidden by my arm in the shots where I was playing it). They make the photo for me. :)

If you'd like to follow all my 365s they're in this Flickr set.


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