Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Pictures On My Wall

I thought it might be fun to show you the actual pictures on my wall. Since we moved into this flat last autumn I've collected a few bits and bobs for the walls. I've always hated having bare walls around the place. Whenever I moved into a new room at uni, the first thing I would do is put up posters! 

Most of these things are a bit girly so they're hanging up on my side of the bedroom. First up, these hanging driftwood frames all came from my favourite gift shop, and old workplace, Evolution. Beth sent me some of her gorgeous prints a little while ago, and I knew one of these frames would display them beautifully. I chose 3 of her photos that I thought would look ace together.

The original photos are here, here and here on Beth's Flickr.

I also have another of Beth's photos in the kitchen, "autumn coffee" next to where we keep the kettle.

The little polka dot bird hook is by Sass & Belle and was a gift from Jo :)

In the living room, we have this plaque, which, was also from Evolution. They do a lot of other ones with different embroidered sayings on.

Lee bought me this big heart photo holder for Christmas. It's by Sass & Belle

I keep changing the pictures on it. Currently I've got a bit of a Valentine's/Wintry theme, featuring:

- a postcard from Fliss. The photo is "Snowstorm Light" by Vladimir Medvedev.
- "Dancing in footprints" by Libby :)
- "Snow" by Libby
- cute little cat notecard from Libby
- a balloon notecard from my box of Polaroid Notes

I might change it on the first of March though for more "spring-y" pictures! If anyone would like to do a little print swap, do let me know, it would be nice to keep getting new things to display on it. :)

This fabric letter D was also from Evolution. This is turning into a confession post of how much I love Evolution, haha! :P I bought this a few years ago and I remember buying loads of other letters at the time as birthday/Christmas presents for people.

Yep, this metal sign was also from Evolution. :P They still sell these. I know because I remember they were a bit fiddly to wrap up!

On the landing, we have Paddington! :) I got this from Athena in Exeter.

Finally, my Telephone box mirror was also from...yet again, Evolution. :D 

Hope you enjoyed that peek at the art around our home! :)


  1. Love the Paddington print telephone box mirror!

  2. The mirror is awesome. Wish I had one =)

    1. Thanks! You can get them on eBay too, if that helps! :)

  3. Love the idea of this post, always interesting to see what people have up on their walls at home

  4. Lovely images! love that mirror!

  5. I loved reading/seeing this :) so honored to be on your wall! xxx


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