Thursday, 7 February 2013

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Becoming a "pin badge box minder" for the RSPB. :D It means looking after a few boxes of bird and wildlife badges you see in various shops and cafes in the UK. There are around 200 designs of the badges so they're very collectable. My inner nerd had a lot of fun browsing through them all when they arrived in the post. 

♥ Going back to Wollaton Hall (a.k.a Wayne Manor) on Saturday.

♥ New tops from M&S. I know it's a bit of an old lady clothes shop, but their everyday basic tops with half length sleeves fit me really well, so when I saw they had a new range of them with patterns on, I had to buy a few! My favourite is this turquoise one with birdies on.

♥ The release of MBV! Obviously, it's amazing, especially the last 3 tracks. :D I'm still in shock that it actually happened!


  1. M & S isn't for old ladies at all! :D

    I actually started listening to the new My Bloody Valentine album, but fell asleep - oops! Shall give it anotehr try, haha! I was tired at the time!

    1. I think I associate it with old ladies because my mum buys so much there! But, they do have some nice stuff :)

      Hehe, enjoy! :D

  2. I really love that top from M&S! I had no idea they had such nice stuff, I'll have to check it out :)
    I hope you're having a good week x

    1. I've not seen such nice printed tops in there before! I often buy plain ones from there, so it was a nice surprise to find these as well :) x


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