Wednesday, 6 March 2013

52 Weeks of Film

Beginning this week, I'm starting a new photography project. I've decided on a 52 week project entirely of film shots. I'm aiming to take a selection of photos every week using 2 different film cameras. That way, if I have any disasters, I should hopefully have plenty of back-up shots, and I should end up with one I like for each week. I won't be uploading a photo every week, because I will probably want to use the same roll over a period of 2-4 weeks, otherwise it would get insanely expensive.

I'm really looking forward to this new little project! I seem to be shooting quite a lot of film anyway these days, and getting increasingly interested in it, particularly in Lomography. It will be a good excuse to experiment more with my camera collection and try out different types of film.

Here are some things I'm looking forward to trying out in this project:

- redscale film. My first attempt with this wasn't very successful

- Lomography XPro film. I love the look of cross-processing

- 110 film. I have barely used my 110 cameras I got for Christmas. This needs to be rectified

- the new LomoChrome purple film, if I can get hold of some. I wish I'd pre-ordered some but you had to buy it in bulk and I only want 2 or 3 rolls to try. I really hope they'll get some in boxes of 3 in the Lomography shop later in the year

- double/multiple exposures. I've done these a few times with my Fisheye 2, but I haven't for a while. I'd like to try them with my other lomo cameras too and I'd also like to try shooting a roll, then re-using it 

- using my Diana Mini again. We had a big falling out, but I'd like to try using her again at some point

- using my Minolta more. I've had some trouble with it, but it works fine 75% of the time

- do the dishwasher. I'll have to borrow my parents' dishwasher to do this, but wow, look at the effects! My parents actually have a room in their house that was once a darkroom as well, with a blocked out window, which will be very handy for this technique

- trying different brands of film. I've not actually used any of the Lomography brand of 35mm film at all yet (although I've just ordered some!). I'd also like to try Kodak Portra with my Minolta. It's expensive but the quality of the photos I've seen taken with it is incredible

I'll be posting the project shots here, as well on my Flickr, along with other shots that I like from each week. Speaking of Flickr, I've spruced up the film section on there a little bit, because I'm a big nerd who enjoys organising things like that. :P


  1. Love the sound of this project, I've thought about doing a film 365 in the past but as you said it could get very expensive. I really want some of the purple film too so hope they have more in the summer. In relation to Diana I feel the same, we've not had the best relationship in the past either but I'd like to master using her a bit more. Going to make a real attempt to use all the new cameras I've acquired over the last few months too, if you fancy borrowing any of them just let me know and I will happily send them to you to include in your project :)

    1. Aw, thankyou, that's really sweet of you to offer. :) Yeah, a film 365 would be amazing, but so expensive. I think/hope a 52 week one is do-able though.

      Yeah, I've had several really bad rolls from the Diana Mini, which put me off. But, I've been browsing shots taken with her on the Lomography site and they've really inspired me to give her another go :)

    2. Another idea I've had is to use a different camera every week, again that could be quite expensive but you can get some good cheapish ones on ebay and always put ones you wouldn't want to keep on there :)

    3. That would be an awesome project too! :D

  2. Already looking forward to seeing your photographs!

  3. this is so great!
    cant wait to see all your lovely pictures to come!

  4. Great idea Deb! I admire you using film, I really should try it sometime but I'm so inexperienced etc. I think it'll be a great project and I love the effects of film so much. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. I hope you have a good time in Wales too. Speak soon :) xx

    1. Thanks, Beth! :D I'm very excited about it! :D xx


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