Saturday, 2 March 2013

Self-portraits in February

I had intended to post this yesterday, but was so sleepy last night, it slipped my mind.

February has been and gone, so I thought I'd post my favourite shots from my 365 self-portrait project. 

This photo is probably my favourite from my 365s over the last month. I love square crops. Lee gave me this rose and I couldn't resist using it as a prop, even though it had already started to wilt by the time I took this.

This was a random shot I took one evening before bed. I love the twinkly lights of Sherwood through the window.

I took this photo for photo tennis. Libby had taken a photo with a lot of white in it, so I did the same. Hair swoosh photos are so fun! I love doing pictures with balloons in too. They are my favourite prop, after bubbles!

I made this diptych out of a couple of shots taken in the arboretum, on a rare sunny day in February. I'd like to do a whole project of diptychs. I love them! I'd love to do a portrait diptych series. I'm trying to think of an original way I could do one, as they seem quite popular. I find other people's diptychs really interesting too, seeing what images people choose to go together. There's a Flickr group of them here, if you're interested. Oh and check out the persona series by Jason Travis if you haven't already. It is such a simple idea, but is amazing!

This one was for The Teleidoscope group on the theme of...yep, you've guessed it, "rubber duck". I only own one little glow-in-the-dark rubber duck, so here it is with matching nail art duckies (with slightly wonky beaks, lol).

The best thing that happened to me last month was getting my new pet fish, Ducky and Petrie. I took a couple of self-portraits with them. They're sooo tiny (about 2 cm long at most) that it's extremely difficult to capture them with my 35mm lens, but I like this shot of me feeding them. I just about managed to capture Petrie in focus!

I am enjoying this project, so far. The key to getting through the daily photo thing, with me, at least, seems to be to accept that I won't like every photo, and let myself have "lazy days" where I take something pretty quickly. Photography can't always be my priority (although I wish it could!). February has seen a lot of those lazy days, but that is the way it goes, sometimes.

I'm considering starting another photo project to do as well as this one. Perhaps not a 365, I'm not sure, but I want to do something different as well as having photos with me in them. If I do, I want it to include more film shots, as I had intended for this 365 to have more film shots in it, but now that my travel tripod is bust (I did a silly and broke a teeny bit of plastic on it and now it's pretty much dead, grr), this is very difficult unless either I use my Minolta indoors with my main tripod (like I did here), or if I'm out with Lee, I can ask Lee to take them for me, which slightly defeats the object of a self-portrait project. Boo.

Anyway, watch this space for a new photo project. :) I also have a new craft project in the pipeline too, which I hope to share with you all soon! :)


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