Sunday, 3 March 2013

Spring Window

I changed the decorations in our front window for some springtime themed ones. I'm so glad Lee has no interest in decorating as it means I get to choose everything. :P

Flower garland, bunny rabbit & wooden flower -
Butterfly tealight holder - Oxfam (but was a gift)
Wooden perpetual calendar - Evolution
Home sign & white photo frame - Wilkinson


  1. wow, i really love that flower garland, it's so so cheerful, i might have to get one! i love dot com gift shop!

    i'm the same with decorating choices, tim leaves it up to me. which is cool.

    i hope you're having a good weekend. i'm so pleased spring is in the air now :)

    1. I know, it really cheers up the room. They have a few different paper garlands on there. I might get the strawberry one too at some point. :) Hehe, I hadn't heard of dotcomgiftshop until you posted those popcorn holders on your blog last year, and now I'm hooked too :D

      I am, thanks. well, I have a cold, but apart from that, it's good :) & me too! :) x

  2. So pretty! I am sooooo looking forward to spring. :)


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