Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Film Cameras

I accidentally published this yesterday, then accidentally deleted it (what can I say? I'm a plonker!) so I had to re-write the whole thing, so if you follow my blog by email you may possibly get this twice, written slightly differently, sorry!

Since deciding to start my film photography project I have had cameras on the brain. I'm very happy with the camera collection I have now, but I can't resist planning which ones I will buy next as well. It's all part of the plastic camera addiction fun, as many of you will know. ;)

Here are the next 5 cameras I plan to buy. I hope I'll be able to get them all during the course of my year-long project.

1. Hello Kitty Golden Half

I am really hoping to get this very soon because it's so so cute and I've heard good things about the Golden Half. I do already have a half frame camera, the Diana Mini, but I have had so many problems with it. I will be trying to use it again soon, but I'd love one of these too. I'm a big Hello Kitty fan too, so it's sort of perfect. I needs it!

2. Pop9
I'd love a multi-lens camera. For ages I wanted the clear Action Sampler because it's so sweet and colourful, but after reading reviews of both, I would prefer to get a Pop9 instead. I don't like the look of the camera at all, but it's all about the results! It was these photos by Tony Kemplen, which use coloured filters over each lens, that really swayed me.

This has to be the prettiest camera ever. I would love a Diana F+ and lots of accessories for it too. I've wanted this camera for so long, but I know when I get it I will end up spending a lot of money on extra lenses and stuff. I do hope to get it later this year though.

It's been years since I owned an instant camera and I've never had a good one. I had one of those Polaroid i-Zone sticker cameras as a teenager, which broke after 6 months. Whilst at uni I got a Polaroid Joycam for a few £ from TKMaxx, not realising it was so cheap because the films had been discontinued. Once I'd used up my 2 films, it was useless. It would be great to have a working instant camera again and I love the novelty films you can get for these like Miffy film! :D

5. Holga 135BC purple with flash and colour filters

Again, I've wanted this camera for ages and hope to finally get it later in the year.


  1. Love love love :D that Holga is gorgeous, one to add to the wish list I feel and the Hello Kitty one is already on my list ;)

    1. Haha, I thought it would be :P

    2. I saw a Pop 9 on ebay earlier, £7 or something like that but its an auction :( I could spend hours looking on ebay for bargains!

    3. I saw that one too, hehe! I'm terrible for browsing eBay. :-/ I decided against bidding though as I would prefer to get the Hello Kitty camera first, I think. :)

  2. I love that Holga! And the Hello Kitty one is adorable! I have a plain old Diana F+ and got lucky by finding a kit on eBay with all kinds of lenses and accessories. I haven't even gotten to play with half of them yet!

    1. Ooh that sounds awesome. I hope you get a chance to play with it soon. I fancy getting some different lenses and an instant back with mine, when I do get it. :)


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