Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Self-portraits in March & a 365 update

Last month I took what is probably my favourite self-portrait to date...

My Girl With Butterfly Wings photo was inspired by a few love of bokeh, my love of butterflies, my love of fairy lights, and my love of all things colourful. It was also my response to a super cool red photo by Libby for our game of photo tennis, and it was my entry for the week's theme in The Teleidoscope group "if you can dream it, you can do it" (a Walt Disney quote), for which I wanted to create a very dreamy image. Finally, it was inspired, of course, by my Flickr name, which I adapted from the title of a Smashing Pumpkins songAll in all, this picture feels very me and I'm really happy with it. :D

Here are some others from March...

I love my fish! :)

Swoosh! I love how dramatic hair flip shots look. :)

This one was a response to Libby's awesome Scrabble tile name photo. I made the necklace out of wooden letters I found in a craft shop. I don't have proper paints here so I used nail varnish to paint on the spotty design.

And that was March!

I have decided I don't want to carry on with a 365, but for different reasons to why I've given up in the past. In the past, I gave up because I needed a break and ran out of ideas. I'm actually feeling very inspired at the moment, and I have a lot of photo ideas I hope to try soon. I'm not sure what happened but my butterfly wing photo seemed to spark something in me. I've been drawing out ideas like a crazy person! I feel really motivated and excited to try new things. :) But, I feel like I want to take more time and put more effort into my photos, and doing a 365 is making me feel too rushed. I'd rather do maybe two or three photos a week that I can spend more time on. I'm also feeling more and more like I want to focus on conceptual photos, rather than documenting my everyday life. I'll still be doing Photo Tennis, of course, and, The Teleidoscope, which I hope to catch up on in the next few days.

I'll still do these monthly updates here. But, some of my ideas aren't self-portraits so I will make them more general digital photography updates from the previous month. :)

To finish, here's a photo I took today...

I'd had this "bright idea" in my head for a while :)


  1. That butterfly photo is so lovely!
    Great idea!

    And, the last photo made me smile. I think it is great that you are deciding to take more time to invest in photography concepts you're excited about.

    1. Thankyou! :D

      Yeah, it feels like the right decision for me. :)

  2. That self portrait is wonderful! It definitely has a dreamy quality to it :)

    I'm doing a Project 52, one photo a week for the year, and I like it so much more than a 365, which I tried a few years ago. I definitely don't feel so rushed. My focus is on my kids, but you could always focus on anything you want! I look forward to seeing more of your photographs!

    1. Thanks! :)

      Yeah, the trouble is I don't feel a 52 week one is enough for me. Maybe, I need something in between a 365 and 52 one. But, right now I don't want the structure, I feel like doing my ideas as and when I feel like it. :)


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