Thursday, 4 April 2013

Things I Love Thursday

♥ stuffing my face with chocolate over Easter weekend, and all this week! I got a chocolate Hello Kitty from Lee as well as a Cadbury's Creme Egg egg from Lee's parents. :D NOM!

♥ the work of photographer Cat MacBride. This lady is amazing. I love her paper creations, and she has such an incredible imagination. She has definitely inspired me to work on more conceptual images and to make more of my own props too. Some of my favourite images by her are white smoke rising, the ultimate cliffhanger, and audio-saurus

these paintings that look like out of focus photographs by Philip Barlow. I found them via Twitter a while ago. They're so beautiful. 

♥ working my way through all the albums on this list of Top 100 shoegaze albums of all time that I've not already heard, which is about half of them, surprisingly! Mostly in the lower half of the list. Not all of them are on Spotify, but many of them are, so that should keep my ears happy for quite a few months. The list is also reminding me of many great shoegaze bands I'd forgotten about. :)

♥ the debut album by an indie band with the best name ever...The History of Apple Pie

♥ re-watching series 1 of Game of Thrones. We thought it would be wise to re-watch series 1 & 2 before series 3 starts.

♥ making a pinhole camera using this kit. We are now waiting for a bright, sunny day so we can test it out. I only recently found out that Poundland sells 35mm film so I got some from there to test it. It's AGFA Vista 200 ISO film. If it's any good, I might have to get a lot more of it as it would make my 52 week film project considerably cheaper. :)

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