Tuesday, 21 May 2013

52 Weeks of Film: Week 7

Cinnamon Whirl

Week 7: 15th-21st April 2013

Camera: Minolta X-300
Film: AGFA Vista 200

I was back in Sutton Coldfield for most of this week, but the weather was bad all week so I didn't take many photos at all. This is all I have to share for that week. 

I got the cinnamon whirl/swirl (not sure what they're called!) from the Co-op. Yum!

♥ 52 Weeks of Film ♥


  1. I've wanted to go out and shoot film but when I can go out the light is never really good enough

    1. I know, it is really annoying :( silly British weather!

  2. I went to St Fagans on Thursday but only took the Nikon with me, still I got some lovely bluebell shots. If you're going to be down in south Wales over the summer let me know and we could go out :)


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